Lilesville, Anson County, North Carolina

As a town we strive to help each other, grow share and cultivate relationships, friendships and kinship. We believe that sharing common beliefs and understandings about how we live our lives will enrich each of us and expand us as a community.
For although we are a community of individuals, together we are bigger than the sum of our parts and we strive to embrace difference and to expand our skills and understanding.

No doubt lots will see this view as a self appointed risk to many in the neighborhood and surrounding area’s, however, you will find that I wish to welcome each and every resident, new and old.

The goal of all should be to make a difference and we believe that everyone in the town strives for this. More than ever the community feels and accepts it’s responsibilities as they are and for what they are.

Lilesville although small in number, 534, is a town of heart and kinship. The town of Lilesville is 1-mile square in space and located in Anson County, near the Pee Dee River. Adjacent to Wadesboro and Rockingham NC, just off the 74 highway.

Est. 1873