The age of Androgynous fashion is upon us

Why “masculine fashion” goes into the dust? That’s not superficial opinion, that’s truth. So called masculinity does not have any place in the brave new world and it’s not the bad thing. Moreover, I will say that’s what I expected for: no more stereotypical “manly” images in the magazines with the damn “muscular” assholes and “bad boys” with jeans, T-shirts and cigarettes.

I am happy to consider it as relic of the past, I like to think that this new millennium we are returning to Tradition, which doesn’t have anything “masculine” or “feminine” in itself, but where is neither male and female, for you are all one Androgyny.

The XXI century is the brave new old time of retro-futurism, where everything “old” is coming back with the new intention. I’m talking not just about clothes, but about everything: music, street art, photography and, of course, about how we make and dress up ourselves. Boys grow the longhairs, girls make the boyish haircut. The new generation smoke the pipe, old-school cigarettes, drink absently, try to pretend to live in imaginative cyberpunk 80th like in Gibson’s “Neuromancer”. Few years ago, newspapers were writing that our age is the time of gender-less dichotomy. It was… the 12th century, when Christian saints were writing that men don’t dress up and behave as they should, but instead of it they are, ‘effeminate.’

Few centuries later, there will be France fashion in Europe, where being ‘effeminate’ is absolutely conventional among aristocracy. At the same time, there is Kabuki theater development outside the Europe, on the island, where sun always rise and where it is typical for men to play women’s role. Few centuries later, when the 20th century comes, it will be great and right to be masculine for every women in every society. At the same time clothing manufacturers like Wiseman Clothing say they are producing “…more clothes aimed at neither sex and considered unisex,” that´s absolutely great for you to being cute, delicate and subtle boy in the decadent society. Just smoke, drink absently, feel yourself naturally… and all we know that that’s very natural for man to be subtle, to have delicate hands, to be shaved, long-haired, slime, to play guitar and write poetry, to make up like Kabuki actors did. This is the brave old new world, which I like and where everyone of us could feel ourselves free from all the gender stereotypes and breath without any fear to be too ‘manly’ or ‘effeminate.’ Just grow long hair and shave your chest bro!

The evolution

The 20th century is not the first time of gender fluidity in fashion, and I guess you have already realized it. In fact, the real blurring in gender threats was already at the beginning of the century.

The motherland

Russia is one example. Just look at the such kind of poets as Zinaida Hippius. She lived in the imperial time, in the years of Christian conservative dictatorship. However, she still hated all the revolutionary trends of her time and in the same time weared the men’s jackets, smoked cigar’s and wrote her poetry as a male.

She was actually like the Joan of Arc of the ages shattering, when cigar was her sword and jacked was her armor. We could also put our attention on the image of “seraphic boys” in the symbolical art and who could be treated very “effeminate” from the modern culture point of view, where sporty man with weapon and military costume is kind of trend, despite every gentleman and Byronic hero would laugh of such masculinity.

Times they are a changing

But times change and now we see another male trend in the jacket and subtle hands of the new Sherlock Holmes, in the hairstyle of the new Hannibal and in the behavior of the John Snow. Definitely, there are no doubts that times are changed. That’s not only about Europe, Asia is even more androgynous, despite its conservatism and strict society. Just remember about the Japanese bishounen in animes or “effeminate” cute boys in South Korean dioramas. Just don’t forget about powerful girls in the North Korean movies or about the soldier women in the Chinese films.

That’s how you realize how gender stuff is blurred, even when people don’t fell it. Even when people still live in the world of the meaningless conventions and symbols. Amen.

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