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A very brave man

Ted has been my friend for well over thirty years. But curiously, I have never met him. I get a very gentle magazine called “Fellowship in Prayer”, and once long ago they asked if subscribers would like to correspond with prisoners. Of course, I said yes. And that is how Ted and I got connected.

I have never asked my friend what he did to land himself in prison. I felt it was not important unless he wanted to tell me. He never has. And I respect his privacy and dignity in this matter. So, Ted and I relate on more hope-filled dimensions than the mistakes of the past.

We have written letters off and on pretty much continually all these years. When Ted did get out of prison, much to his dismay, he was promptly deported back to the land of his birth. Since he was not an American citizen and had a criminal record, he no longer had the right to live in the USA.

Ted had gone to America as a young child and had no real ties with his home country at all, including the language. But off he went. He knew no one, was unskilled, and had no real work experience. Likewise, his folks, both in the USA, were just making ends meet, so a trip to the “old country” seemed nearly impossible. The situation was dire at best.

Fortunately, Ted hooked up with the church, where priests took care of him, as they do even now. He also made friends in the congregation. They still give him love and support, which he desperately needs.

Added to Ted’s list of woes is that he has developed Parkinson’s disease to the point that he is now in a wheelchair. Yet, in a relatively recent photograph of his, I saw that his mother had indeed managed a visit, which I am sure was a crowning event in her son’s life.

What makes Ted a beautiful person in my mind is that despite his many problems and his tremendous loneliness, depression, and fear that seem to engulf him at times, he has never, ever closed his heart. He feels very deeply, yet is never defensive. Also he humbly notices things that are truly life affirming.

He might write to me and say, “I didn’t feel so great this week, but friends helped me out. “ Or “I can’t write anymore, but I dictate letters to my priest friend and he sees to it they get sent.”

And another arena that shows Ted’s connection to life is in his love of cooking. Every time I hear from him, he sends me a recipe he has either found or created himself. I am not a great cook and have minimal time for the kitchen, but he urges me to send him recipes, which I shamefully seldom do.

The other day he asked if I would get some of his recipes online so others could enjoy his culinary creations. I thought that was a great suggestion, so here are a few of his recipes, just as he wrote them himself.

Bon appetit!

Fish With Selery

Here is a recepie for fish curry with selery:
30 grams fresh fish cut small
30 grams selery fresh cut in small pieces
pinch of hot pepers fresh
soy sauce, bulion chicken a little chives
fresh parsley, fresh garlic pinch fresh and small pieces of tofu.

Stird-fried cucumbers with chicken

35 deco chicken brest cut to small pieces
25 deco fresh cucumbers garden cut tinnly in halfs
5 deco fresh parsley sprinkled with lemon juce lithly
1 smalla amount of chicken bulion
pinch of cholendra fresh
pinch of fresh garlic
small spoon of sweet cream
salt, peper pinch of oregano
First stir-fried chicken sprinkled lightly with lemon juice fresh cookied ad cut in half fresh garden cucumbers add to the chicken.
Cooking it first add chicken bulion, pinch of cholendra, fresh garlic, peper, salt, pinch oregano. Mixed lightly add small spoon sweet cream. Make sure that lemon sprinkled chicken do sour the sweet cream. Add last fresh parsley.
Served with wild rice.

Fish in celery salad

35 deco white fish fresh cut in squers so they cooked in stir-fried for a seconds cooked fast.
30 deco celery stacks fresh cut in to squares
1 spoon small chives fresh, small amount of curry sprinkled lightly, small amount of fresh basil and
˝ teaspoon of mustard, normal hot mustard,
home made fresh mayonaise add salt peper
˝ teaspoon sweet red pepers mixed lightly to tick salad look not runny
Served french bread baked daily in stores or home made backed.

Stired fried shrimps in whisky sauce

35 deco fresh shrimps medium size not large
sprinkled with whiskey lightly, don’t go aflemed cover the wack fast so don’t flames up, light up. Vegetable bulion small amount,
salt pepers fresh pinch, thicken it with flower.
Served with curry rice.
To make curry rice, rice coked rice with small amount of curry, so the rice is not overcooked.

Fresh dill salad

2 eggs hard boiled cut to squares
˝ spoon red onions fresh cut to squares
1 medium size (fresh) boiled parsley root cut to squares, don’t overcooked so it cut to squares
1 spoon dill fresh cut small pinch of fresh ginger salth peper, yogurt mayonaise mixed lightly. Served on rye bread.
Bread home made or garlic.

Bambu soup with fresh spinach and tofu with shrimp in chicken broth bullion

30 deco bambu water chestnuts sliced tinnely
20 deco shrimps fresh
2 deco ginger root fresh cut into small pieces
1 spoon chicken
bulion leveled spoon
5 cups water
pinch of fresh garlic
small amount 15 deco
Rice noodles
15 deco fresh spinich
1 ˝ grams cholendra, parsley fresh
20 deco tofu
First take 5 cups of water, put in boil add chicken broth and shrimps so it cooks in the broth. Add bambu water chestnuts, ginger root fresh, pinch of garlic fresh, salt, peper. Cut small spinich. Add rice noodles. Add tofu, lastly cholendra and fresh parsley and served.

Read bean salad

1 can red bean without water dry beans cooked
1 large spoon sweet pepers
1 spoon mustard (french) dark
1 spoon of red onions
1 large spoon of cheddar cheese cut to squares
pinch of fresh garlic
sprinkle with sweet orange juice lightly
small spoon of parsley
1 large spoon of smoked ham
1 ˝ spoons of mayonaise
salth,peper, pinch of cumy and ginger mixed first all the vegetables add mustard and mayonaise. Refrigerate.

Garlic hot peper chicken in yogurt sauce

1 lg chicken breast cut to squares (or beef)
5 grams fresh garlic
1 hot peper fresh cut out the seeds thinly sliced.
Salt, chives (pinch) fresh 1 ˝ large spoon of plain yogurt, oriental season mix (pinch) cooked the chicken. Add garlic fresh, hot peppers salt seasoning oriental mixed and yogurt served with rice.

Spigeti noodles in bacon cheese sauce (warmed) served

1 package noodles rice or regular noodles
30 deco cheddar cheese
35 dkg beacon, not fat beacon lean with meat cut squares
1 spoon red onion cut squares
pinch of fresh garlic
drain fat away dry from bacon when cooked lean bacon in pan with onions. Add after bacon cooked drain dry add cooked onions still to the bacon cooked together. Add butter (little) milk meting, cheddar cheese in milk and little butter when the sauce in made poor over noodles toped lightly fresh baisl leafs.

Stir-fried Brussels with beef

15 large (medium) brussels cut in halfs or thinly fresh
20 deco beef tinnly sliced good tenderly, pinch of fresh garlic, salth, peper, oregano pinch, pinch of chicken bulion
pinch cholendra cookied in a wack till tender is beef crispi brussels served with curry rice.

Stuffed hot pepers with ground beef and cheese and bacon

4 large hot peppers fresh without seeds
15 deco ground beef lean without fat
pinch of garlic, pinch of salth
4 large lean slices bacon, pinch of red onion
10 deco cheddar cheese ground up
pinch of parsley
Take 4 hot peppers fresh, wash them with water. Take a pan cook ground beef with garlic. Red onions seson cookied till is cooked cool it for a whitle 10 minutes in plater mixed the ground up beef with cheddar cheese and parsley. Stuffed the bacon first then ground beef with cheddar cheese. Bake it in oven for 8 minutes till peppers are soft and cheese melted cooked lean bacon.
Served with baked potatoes.

The Key to True Happiness: Does it Even Exist?

Do you feel like happiness is more elusive than ever? Like God must have skipped you when he was handing out the “happy” gene?

I have to admit I used to feel that way. And it never made sense to me because I had a great childhood. But then suddenly depression hit me like a brick wall. For the life of me I couldn’t understand why I should feel depressed when I had so much to be thankful for.

At that point in my life I chased happiness like it was a runaway freight train full of gold. I seemed to have read every resource out there on how to be happy. But somehow true happiness seemed to always be out of my reach.

It wasn’t until this passed Fall that I had a grand realization about happiness.

But let me be clear that when I speak of happiness, I don’t mean the constant state of feeling elated each and every waking hour of my life. What I’m referring to is a general state of mind. Of course I expect highs and lows in life – anything otherwise would be unnatural and unhealthy.

So what happened in the Fall? Well, first of all I started back to work full time. The previous year I had been part time as a way to “ease back in” to work after my long illness.

Everything was going quite well until I started feeling those signs of depression again. I know them now, and I wasn’t going to wait for a major setback before taking action.

I immediately (quite literally the next day) dropped down to part time and that’s where I’m at today – and I’m thriving.

Now, you might be wondering how I manage to keep up a blog if I was struggling to keep my full-time day job. Well, this is where the big epiphany came for me – because I asked myself the same question.

You see, when I was teaching full time I truly enjoyed it. But the problem was, I had no time to myself when working those kinds of hours. I desperately wanted to write, but just couldn’t make it happen.

Not having time to foster my passion for writing made me feel trapped. I had to go to work every day for a certain time, and when I came home I was exhausted. But I didn’t have any choice – or so I thought.

When I switched to part time it meant I now had my mornings to myself. After getting the kids ready and off to school, I can now do what I want (to the degree that we can all do what we want ;) ).

I can write all morning; I can clean up the house; I can do errands; I can do whatever I think will make me feel productive that day.

So, the key to true happiness? Choices. It’s when we feel that we have no control over what’s going on in our lives that our happiness starts to dwindle.

And although I enjoy teaching, it wasn’t enough to fulfill me. I needed an outlet for my love of writing and now I have it.

You may not be able to currently do something as drastic as going from working full time at your day job to part time, but there are many other ways to give yourself choices in your life:

1. Choose to give yourself the gift of time. Allot a certain hour or half hour of the day to do whatever it is you want. Even if it’s only 15 min, this will feel very liberating.

2. Choose to follow your passion. Give up unnecessary activities such as T.V. and Facebook. This will give you more time to pursue want you really want in life. Think about it…Do you know anyone whose passion in life is to watch more T.V.?

3. Choose to say no. Say no to the myriad of after-school activities you have your children enrolled in (they may even thank you!). Say no to a co-worker when they ask you if you have time to take on yet another project.

4. Choose to be honest with yourself. Lying will get you nowhere – especially when it’s to yourself. Are you living your best life? What realistic changes can you make that will make life more fulfilling?

5. Choose to give yourself choices. Seem redundant? Think about it. Often we keep telling our selves we “don’t have a choice”, when actually, we always do. You just have to be willing to open your eyes and your mind to all the possibilities in front of you.

6. Choose to be happy. Stop chasing. Just be.

And lastly, take your focus off of your state of mind and start counting your blessings. Put your focus on helping someone else. You’ll hopefully realize that not only are you not as bad off as you thought, but nothing breeds happiness like doing something for others.

Stop the Static

It’s starting to pay off

This is an extract from an email we received from Christian in Germany

I just wanted to drop a short note to congratulate you to the articles that can be found in the newsroom. STOP THE STATIC is a good thing, because after messing around with PC, and in recent times Macs, I’m getting interested in coming back to the Risc PC-platform. Compared to anything else it’s really great (I got one of the first Risc PCs here in Germany, but later left the scene because I stumbled across Linux, and the linux-arm23/32 Port wasn’t any use in those times)

IMO there’s really no need for 2GHz CPUs, 553MHz FSBs and all those crap. Lets face it: Most people do word processing and other stuff where the CPU normally doesn’t do anything. The main task a CPU in such a machine is to decode some MP3s, possibly DiVX, or to process a file for the printer.

Add some major design flaws within every desktop PC and you end up with a CPU that wastes a lot of its cycles for nothing (well, to heat up the air around it). And if one opens his/her eyes, he/she will notice that all this Megahertz-megalomania can’t be found at Workstation Developers (such as Sun Microsystems, for example). Not that they couldn’t produce such big machines…

But as always, people tend to look at the outside instead of the inside – give them big numbers they can compare with their friends, and they are lucky. This makes me angry regularly and I decided to (try to) ignore this.

There is no “description” for people comparing G4s with P3s…

Well, anyway, thanks for your ongoing efforts in developing a new RiscPC platform. And please, don’t take people serious who have negative opinions on everything. The Risc PC market isn’t the same as the PC-market. That’s definately a good thing because, just like for Apple, you get good quality that _works_. Real PnP stuff and so on. (Okay, thats the only thing I feel a little bit sorry about: That you use the PCI-Bus. The RiscPC-Bus was great, just insert the card, power the machine up and you’re fine. But I understand that hardware development today needs to look on the mainstream market. And RiscPC-Freaks will have the positive side effect to enjoy cheap hardware within their beloved environment).

BTW: I don’t think that the writing in the newsroom has a negative effect on mircrodigital in general. People see the prototype board – which means that you(r) engineer really made it! That’s really impressive! Take a look on Amiga-Boards: Many companies originally wanted to design a new one, but it took quite a long, and many companies finally stopped their projects.

Keep on going, I want to get an Omega! 🙂

It is our intention to post letters or extracts from letters so that readers can see the growing interest in our products, although I have to warn you that it’s highly unlikely that companies will allow us to use their names for obvious reasons.

The Microdigital USB Podule

For the Risc PC Etc.

It’s amazing what you find in cupboards, especially when your not looking for them. Now if I had been looking for this board it would have been a completely different story, involving a great deal of time and most probably involve some shouting punctuated by the odd swear word or two.

My argument would go something like “look I definitely put the card here so that I would know exactly where to find it, somebody always moves my things, why me”. Anyway you get the picture.


We designed this card in 1999 the idea being that developers could plug the card into a RPC to develop drivers. The cards arrival was greeted with a deafening hush and to date I think we had only one enquiry about the card. However we wish the other manufacturers the best of luck with their cards.