Happy Tweaking

Continuing my ‘HappyTweaking’ series (:D) I spent yesterday doing all the twiddly things to the site that I’ve been meaning to do for a while but never got round to because they seemed too little.1) It occurred to me that the design of this site was very much geared around simplicity and that there was very little to suggest lilesville. Pedantic, I know, but a picture paints a thousand words. I googled and found a nice black and white spiral image which I adapted to make a favicon, a separator (I’ve never liked that grey swirl very much) and a Photoshop brush to embellish the header image. Now I feel like I’ve got much more of a logo and a defining image. Shiny.

2) I added Gravatar support and used the fractal motif as a default image.

3) I bought the domain townoflilesville.travel – you can now reach this site from it. This time next year I shall have to think about paying for hosting.

I’ve also been reading lots of articles on improving blog content and writing quality. Over and over again I read that ‘Good content keeps people coming back’ so I’m trying to update every day and make sure what I write is interesting and relevant, although I find it hard to read my own stuff and critique it objectively. It’s good practice for November though.
One day I would like to be considered good enough for submission into 9rules – but I’m not there yet. I think it would be a nice gesture if the 9rules people offered help and guidance to people whose websites aren’t up to scratch but who are willing to learn and take criticism. They could call it 9schools!

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