Inspiration – where does it come from and how do you get it when you want it? This age-old question highlights a problem that plagues those whose life work revolved around ideas, and new concepts, themes, or subject matter.

Take writing for example, if you don’t have ideas, then what do you write about? Of course, life happenings, news articles, and world events supply subjects for a lot that is written. If, however, you do not deal with “news” per se, then where do you stand? Well, ideas are there, all around you, and in everything you do. For example, your family, people you know, or mere brief encounters are food for thought and can produce a myriad of ideas and suggestions for topics. Talking to people, reading a magazine, or a newspaper will light up a little bulb that may produce a time-worthy article, or even your next novel. Even the simple act of taking a walk allows you the pleasure of opening up a storehouse of possibilities. In essence, everything you do is a possibility – every person you meet, every activity you engage in, and even doing absolutely nothing will inspire, enlighten and give you a storehouse of ideas. So, what is the catch to your cornucopia of subject matter. You must be open to them. You must quiet your mind, your worries, your everyday problems, and let the ideas flow in. Take the time daily and open your mind, heart, and even your soul to the vast enlightenments that are a part of each and every day. In reality, there is never a day that is closed to new ideas, insights, or perspectives.

No matter what your personal or business life has in store for you each day, don’t limit yourself to these “daily occurrences.” If you don’t train yourself to take notice of everything around you, a lack of ideas will soon be the malady of the day. Just think of it – there is wonder in the warmth of sunshine, a million stories in a big city train station, and a poem is just resting in the beauty of nature. Thoughts do have one bad habit though. They will not come to you if you are not receptive. They don’t open your mind for you – they just stroll in if the door is open.

So put out that welcome mat – and let everyday life supply you with its wonder and its magic supply of ideas. You can pick and choose, but don’t let a day go by that life itself is not allowed entry. If you do close the door, you will never know what great literary achievements could have surfaced on the day you decided you were too busy to bother. Take each day as a new adventure, a clean slate, a storehouse of knowledge and wisdom.