My money saving tips for y’all

We all want to make our money stretch as far as we can and with prices going up and up, it’s getting harder and harder to do so. Making the things that we buy last longer will mean we don’t need to buy them as often and will therefore save us money.

Money saving tips

Shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap and washing up liquid are all things that many of us use far more of than we actually need each time we use them. A simple way to cut down on how much you use without having to really think about it each time is to add water to the product when you buy it. Tip 1/3 of the bottle into an old bottle you’ve saved and top up the now only 2/3rd’s full bottle with water, give it a shake and pop it back on the cupboard.  So for every 3 you used to buy, you now only need to buy 2!

shaving-pics-interior-wet-shaving-company-shave-4Razors can be costly especially if you use the disposable sort – paying a higher price once for a reusable one, that you can buy new blades for could save you money overall especially if you pick one where the blades are generic not specific to that razor. Another tip is to make sure that you rinse and dry the blade after each use as this will extend the life of each blade or set of blades.

The life of your mattress can be extended by simply flipping and rotating it regularly.  Once a month either Flip the mattress over, so the top becomes the bottom, or rotate it so that the foot end becomes the head end. If you write on the calendar which to do when, you’ll never get it wrong and your mattress will wear more evenly and in this way will last a lot longer.

If you are really in need of money then a payday lender could be the last place you’d wish to turn, however instant payday loans on the Internet do offer introductory rates towards the start of the month. This would appear like a false economy, however, if all you need to repay is the loan then it doesn’t work out too bad.

imageFreezing food as we all know is a great way to preserve it, but don’t forget that just because you didn’t do it on the day you bought it, doesn’t mean you can’t do it still. If you find yourself with 3 packets of cold meat in the freezer that are only a day off their sell by or use by date, separate them into individual portions and freeze them.

As long as you make sure that you note on them that they only have a 1 day life span when you remove them from the freezer, you will be able to defrost them one at a time and use them before they go off.  Less waste, and therefore less cost for you. (This can also be done for things like fruit and veg, if you blanch it you can then freeze it and extend it’s usable life).

Did you know that a good chunk of the wear in your clothes comes from washing and tumble drying them? Now a payday loan would certainly fix this but isn’t it better to keep clothes longer? Well it does, so if you are wearing once and then washing everything you could be shortening the life of your clothes considerably. Obviously for undies we only want to wear them once before we wash them, but for outer wear, wearing it a couple of times before you wash it, and then hanging it on a line or airing cupboard to dry it rather than putting it in the tumble dryer will not only save you money on the amount of washing and drying you do (think of the cost of all that electricity and water), but it could also extend the life of your clothes by as much as a third.

These are all small things, and I’m sure there are more that other people can add (do feel free to use the comment box to do so!), but each one of them added into a routine will save you money without really adding much to your workload.


As we are definitely beginning to feel the pinch from massive price rises in petrol, fuel and groceries I was reading that many people who would once have taken unwanted goods to a charity shop or chuck out are now thinking twice and looking at how they came make some profit from their unwanted goods.

There are a number of different places that you can get cash for your unwanted items, one of the oldest and still the best are car boot sales.

Apparently not only have the number of car boot sales grown by 20% since this time last year, but the number of attendees has also sharply risen which could be down to the effects of the ‘credit crunch’.

car1-648218 Denise-cop-2

Personally I have been to many a car boot sale both to buy and sell, the last time I did one I made around £100 after I paid my fee for the car stall space, which isn’t a bad profit for a days work.
If you have a bit of the Dell boy in you then car-boot sales can be great places to pick up a bargain to sell on, personally I have got some cracking items in the past which I have then went on to sell on Ebay for a marked up price.

So what are my top tips to running a good car boot sale stall?

  • Car boot sales can be very cut throat, one of the main secrets to making as much profit as possible is getting there early – when I did it I was there for 5am and I was getting one of the last decent spots.
  • Make sure that your pitch is in one of the main thoroughfares which will get the most visitors. If you are stuck at the back of the car boot sale you will have no chance of maximising your sales, I would suggest that if you haven’t been before to check the car boot sale out the week before you go to find the best spots.
  • Take a folding table with you to display your wares on and make it neat, there is nothing worse than a messy stall.
  • Some people mark prices on all their items before hand, I didn’t bother, whatever you choose to do people expect to haggle so make sure you start with your prices high, you will be expected to haggle.
    And finally don’t spend all your profit buying from other peoples stalls!
  • If you don’t know where your nearest car boot sale is check your local paper which will usually have them listed or check out which lists regular sales up and down the UK.

If you want to chat about car boot sales or want to learn about lots of other money making ideas then get in touch!

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