Russia with Love

Omega presentation to the Russian Scientific Community

We were approached recently by Professor Howard Ward to write a paper on the design and development of the Omega computer to be presented by him at a scientific conference in Russia.

According to Professor Ward, Russia has shown great interest in the now ageing Risc PC computers, so I wonder what they will make of the Omega, I would imagine they will be very impressed.

Apparently a delegation came over the the UK and they were staggered by the lack of interest shown in desktop RISC technology, so much so that one university now has a Risc PC computer laboratory.

I am not at all surprised that their scientists should be interested in RISC technology which delivers powerful efficient processors, because they have an almost direct equivalent in rocket motor design. Were their technology delivers small lightweight motors which produce a much greater thrust than equivalent western designs.

Arm in digital television

Samsung Electronics has announced that it has built a single chip system for digital TV based around a 200MHz ARM920T processor core, the chip is aimed at high definition TV and set top box markets.

This is especially good news for ARM, who are pushing hard to get its processors into ever wider consumer markets.

Recognition for ARM RISC Processor

Stephan Furber, Professor of Computer Engineering at the University of Manchester has been elected a Fellow of The Royal Society for his contributions to electronics, including his role in the designing of the ARM RISC processor.

Over 1 billion ARM RISC cores has been shipped making it the worlds leading embedded processor design.

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