Stop the Static

It’s starting to pay off

This is an extract from an email we received from Christian in Germany

I just wanted to drop a short note to congratulate you to the articles that can be found in the newsroom. STOP THE STATIC is a good thing, because after messing around with PC, and in recent times Macs, I’m getting interested in coming back to the Risc PC-platform. Compared to anything else it’s really great (I got one of the first Risc PCs here in Germany, but later left the scene because I stumbled across Linux, and the linux-arm23/32 Port wasn’t any use in those times)

IMO there’s really no need for 2GHz CPUs, 553MHz FSBs and all those crap. Lets face it: Most people do word processing and other stuff where the CPU normally doesn’t do anything. The main task a CPU in such a machine is to decode some MP3s, possibly DiVX, or to process a file for the printer.

Add some major design flaws within every desktop PC and you end up with a CPU that wastes a lot of its cycles for nothing (well, to heat up the air around it). And if one opens his/her eyes, he/she will notice that all this Megahertz-megalomania can’t be found at Workstation Developers (such as Sun Microsystems, for example). Not that they couldn’t produce such big machines…

But as always, people tend to look at the outside instead of the inside – give them big numbers they can compare with their friends, and they are lucky. This makes me angry regularly and I decided to (try to) ignore this.

There is no “description” for people comparing G4s with P3s…

Well, anyway, thanks for your ongoing efforts in developing a new RiscPC platform. And please, don’t take people serious who have negative opinions on everything. The Risc PC market isn’t the same as the PC-market. That’s definately a good thing because, just like for Apple, you get good quality that _works_. Real PnP stuff and so on. (Okay, thats the only thing I feel a little bit sorry about: That you use the PCI-Bus. The RiscPC-Bus was great, just insert the card, power the machine up and you’re fine. But I understand that hardware development today needs to look on the mainstream market. And RiscPC-Freaks will have the positive side effect to enjoy cheap hardware within their beloved environment).

BTW: I don’t think that the writing in the newsroom has a negative effect on mircrodigital in general. People see the prototype board – which means that you(r) engineer really made it! That’s really impressive! Take a look on Amiga-Boards: Many companies originally wanted to design a new one, but it took quite a long, and many companies finally stopped their projects.

Keep on going, I want to get an Omega! 🙂

It is our intention to post letters or extracts from letters so that readers can see the growing interest in our products, although I have to warn you that it’s highly unlikely that companies will allow us to use their names for obvious reasons.

The Microdigital USB Podule

For the Risc PC Etc.

It’s amazing what you find in cupboards, especially when your not looking for them. Now if I had been looking for this board it would have been a completely different story, involving a great deal of time and most probably involve some shouting punctuated by the odd swear word or two.

My argument would go something like “look I definitely put the card here so that I would know exactly where to find it, somebody always moves my things, why me”. Anyway you get the picture.


We designed this card in 1999 the idea being that developers could plug the card into a RPC to develop drivers. The cards arrival was greeted with a deafening hush and to date I think we had only one enquiry about the card. However we wish the other manufacturers the best of luck with their cards.

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